Back to Seattle

In January we saw our local endocrinologist for the first time.  He was lacking in eloquence and was quick to condemn the process that we had taken to get to him, however, he assured us that he was going to get Lily to a good place.  Since seeing him she has been on a consistent does of thyroid meds in hopes of regulating her body and beginning to feel better.  Unfortunately, she's not feeling better.  Her symptoms are exactly the same.  Dr. W ran two sets of tests.  The first included and ANA test which measures whether or not autoantibodies are present. This is the 2nd time this test has been run and for the second time, it is positive.  By itself this does not diagnose anything, but it indicates that further testing is needed.  You can read more about it here.  In any case, his suggestion is that we go back to Seattle Children's.  We have an appointment for a full rheumatology and endocrinology workup on April 25.

The second set of tests should be back tomorrow.  He was testing her thyroid levels to see if the meds are working, her cortisol levels, and a test for celiac.  The funny thing is, when the doc told us about the positive ANA test and his concern about something like lupus, she took it in stride.  When he said celiac, she lost her mind.  The girl lives on bagels.  And goldfish.  And all things gluten.  The only thing worse for her than giving up gluten would be having to give up dairy.  So, that's where we are.  Headed back to Seattle.  Will update when there is something to share. 


  1. Sorry my girl is not better! Sending warm healing hugs ��


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